Bathing in Style: How to Make Your Bathroom Tiles Pop in 2017

The humble bathroom tile tends to be underestimated. We know that it’s an essential feature of a high functioning bathing space, but many of us are still unsure how to use it for maximum effect. While they might be near limitless when it comes to colour and design, it can be difficult to equate tiles with something like wallpaper, which seems so much more versatile.

Well, it’s time to let your creative juices loose, because modern tiles are fresh, funky, and capable of great things. Style savvy homeowners across Essex are tuning in to their possibilities and using them to create unique, beautiful bathrooms. So, put the tired white squares to bed and try something new.

Keep reading to learn about the biggest tile trends of 2017 and how you can steal them for your own bathroom.

Patterned Floors

The trend for subtle, blended floors is steadily being replaced with a love for bold and striking tiled designs. In many ways, this reflects a renewed focus on artisanal features; bathroom accessories and products which offer more than the clinical crispness we’ve become accustomed to. Patterned floor tiles look great when paired with a simple, spacious layout.

Geometric Shapes

The variety of floor and wall tiles on offer has substantially increased over the last few years. One recent trend is for alternative, geometric shapes like hexagons. They add interest and personality to a tired space, particularly if teamed with classic cabinetry and a strong feature wall (perhaps behind your sink or dresser).

Versatile Colours

Mosaic designs are huge this year, because they open up a lot of creative possibilities. When you make wall or floor tiles smaller, you can use a variety of shapes, textures, and patterns. Many homeowners in Essex have been using this tip to create bathrooms with lavish, multi-coloured designs. For a restrained look, stick to two or three shades of the same colour.

Earthy, Rustic Tones

On the other hand, if you prefer a more muted, mature aesthetic, you could try adding some earthy brown tones. Chocolate shades can look very sumptuous, even in smaller bathrooms, as long as they’re lifted by lighter colours on the walls. While glossy, luxurious floor tiles continue to enhance bathrooms, matte finishes are taking over right now.

Longer, Thinner Designs

If the prospect of hexagonal tiles doesn’t appeal, you could try long, narrow shapes. Instead of broad subway style walls, opt for a much tighter, more contemporary look. Thin oblong shaped tiles look fantastic in dark colours like black and charcoal. Add some simple, dramatic can lights and you’ve got yourself a bathroom worthy of any Hollywood star.

Going Green

The other shade making waves in 2017 is green. In fact, just about every variety of green can be found in style guides and interior design magazines right now. It is fresh, uplifting, and it makes you feel energised in the morning. Plus, it works wonderfully with wood, or rather, the more practical wood finishes. The latter is always better for the bathroom, unless you want spend hours treating and sealing cabinets.

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