4 Great Reasons to Invest in Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

For most homeowners, the design of a bathroom should feel crisp and clean. It should be uncluttered and fit together seamlessly, to create a calm and relaxing bathing space. This is one of the reasons why materials like porcelain and ceramic are so popular. They offer durability and strength, but also a great deal of sophistication.

If you looking for high-quality tiles in Colchester, you might be wondering whether porcelain or ceramic is the right choice. Both are fantastic options, with their own distinct advantages, but porcelain just has that special something. It is sleek, beautiful, and very good at resisting dirt and grime when used in a bathroom.

This guide to the benefits of investing in porcelain will explain why it is the right way to make your bathroom beautiful.

Tough and Hard Wearing

Not a lot of homeowners realise that the structure of porcelain is what makes it so tough. Ceramic and porcelain start out as very similar – almost identical – materials, but the latter is made up of a much more refined clay. This causes it to be denser and tougher. It is a popular choice for homes in colder climates because it is much less prone to cracking than ceramic.

Low Maintenance

It also absorbs less moisture, which makes it highly stain resistant and adds to that overall level of toughness. While it is true that porcelain tiles in Colchester are a slightly more expensive option than ceramic, they will last longer. You won’t have to put as much effort into keeping them clean and shiny either. In fact, porcelain is really an investment in a bathroom feature that will take care of itself.

Attractive and Stylish

You can buy porcelain tiles in a wide variety of different colours, shades, and designs. The traditional, plain white tile is not the only choice. You could go for a marbled effect or even invest in a tile that mimics another material. Porcelain that looks like wood is becoming very popular at the moment, as it allows homeowners to create that rich, warm look. Wood isn’t usually suitable for a bathroom, so this is a clever way to make it work.

Chip and Scratch Resistant

Porcelain bathroom tiles can withstand more than just stains. They are good at resisting chips, cracks, and scratches. This means that they can last for a long time without the need for replacements. Over the years, you’ll save money, because you won’t be paying for the cost of repairs or new finishes. If all of that weren’t enough, the material is less slippery than ceramic, so you’ll have less chance of falling whilst supporting yourself in the bathroom.

Where to Find High-Quality Porcelain Tiles

The best place to source porcelain tiles in Colchester is from a tile wholesaler. Local companies will usually operate showrooms, where you can browse thousands of designs and varieties until you find the perfect product. There are also plenty of experts on hand to give you advice and information. If you’re not sure if porcelain is the right option for your bathroom, they can help you decide. You’ll find the best prices with a reliable local provider.

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