5 Superb Bathroom Tile Ideas to Reinvigorate Your Home

According to countless market studies, the bathroom and the kitchen are the two best places to renovate if you’re looking to add value to a home. This is because they’re not like a bedroom, a lounge, or a home office. You can’t just switch a bathroom space up and use it for any purpose that you like. It is an interior space that comes with clear constraints.

Buyers want a layout and a design which they can move right into. So, it is worth investing in a stylish bath set, seamless tiling, and high-quality flooring. Even small, outdated bathrooms can be given a new lease of life with a contemporary colour scheme and clever décor. With bespoke bathrooms in Colchester, it is easy to create a tranquil, beautiful bathing space.

This guide to some cool tiling tips and tricks will help you decide where to start when renovating your bathroom.

Make the Floor a Feature

It is becoming more common for homeowners to invest in quirky, unusual bathroom designs. For instance, bathrooms in Colchester are increasingly turning to signature tiles for a bespoke look. Rather than using laminate or vinyl, which can jar with crisp, clean tiling on the walls, they’re opting for a seamless join. Using the same colour tiles on the floor and the wall is one way to make the space feel cohesive. On the other hand, adding a patterned section or a signature design stops it from feeling too minimalistic.

Use Contrasting Grout

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to add visual drama to a bathroom is with colour contrasting grout. This instantly transforms the aesthetic of the space, but it doesn’t actually require any extensive changes. All you’re doing is grouting in a colour which makes your tiles pop. For example, if you’ve got white tiling around your bath and sink, as many homes do, apply black grout to create a striking, bold contrast.

No Need to Be a Square

There is no reason why you have to invest in completely uniform, square tiles. In fact, decorating with different shapes is an effective way to spice up a bathroom. For aesthetic that wows, have your tiles manufactured in a variety of different shapes and then fit them together like a jigsaw. Or, for a cost effective solution, buy oblong tiles. They are a uniform shape, but because they’re not square, they can be arranged in a more interesting formation.

Stick with Light Colours

In small bathrooms, it is really important to stick to light colours and tones. You can create striking contrasts or add splashes of darker colour, but keep them to a minimum. Rooms which are share on space need to look and feel light. Use shades of white, cream, eggshell blue, vanilla, and grey to maintain a cheery, spacious atmosphere. One way to make a small bathroom feel expansive is to try and get rid of dividing barriers; fit a clear shower door and make room for a big, broad window.

Experiment with Patterns

At the moment, patterned tiles are very popular. They are an affordable way to make bathrooms in Colchester look modern and sleek. While most homeowners won’t decorate the whole room with patterned tiles – this makes the space look too busy – an accent wall or a horizontal stretch of patterned tile across the bathroom can look very attractive. If you are interested in trying this design idea, plan out how and where you’ll arrange your patterned tiles before you start renovating.