Bathroom trends for the winter

Whether you’re planning a complete redesign or just some small makeovers of your bathroom, you’ll want to have an idea of the best current trends and styles for the approaching winter months. Emulating the look of high end hotels is a popular modern style, along with vintage looking bathrooms, which remain popular as ever. You can choose to go for a certain periods style – such as an Edwardian or Victorian look – or you can create a combination of contemporary and vintage.

You’ll also want to have your bathroom as a tranquil, relaxing place for you to unwind in. Keeping all this is mind, Everything Tiles can help you keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends whilst ensuring your bathroom is perfect for you.

Modern trends

If you want something brighter in your home to counter the darker winter months, then a modern combination of deep, rich colours such as teal, terracotta and plum with the white usually found in bathrooms is an assured way to channel luxury and add some warmth.  Contrasting finishes also help with this modern feel, with a mixture of glossy and matte surfaces giving a contemporary twist that is right on trend.

Following on from this, the use of greys and dusty blues as a base colour is another simple change that gives a modern twist and allows for greater statement pieces, like brightly or different coloured baths, basins and accessories. Taking this further, an ultra-modern trend is the use of textured tiling and exposed natural wood to give your bathroom a tactile quality.

Vintage style

The popularity of the vintage style of bathroom shows no sign of dwindling, with features of this style remaining in trend for the coming winter. A sense of timelessness brings both an elegance to the look of your bathroom and can help with the relaxed atmosphere. As well as featuring the look of authentic, antiqued pieces, you can enjoy the luxuries of modern bathrooms with new products made to suit the vintage style.

Glossy and natural finishes

Again fitting with the themes of vintage and modern, this winter’s trends include both modern glossy and reflective surfaces along with a more traditional country style with wood finishes. Glossy and reflective surfaces will give the room an open, bright feeling, making even a smaller space feel and look bigger, as well as being practical with their water resistance and easy to clean surface. On the vintage side, a traditional style based on wood, such as fittings with an oak finish, give a room more character and warmth whilst maintaining an on trend look.

Bathrooms in Colchester & Ipswich

If you’re based in Colchester, Ipswich, or other nearby areas, Everything Tiles is the perfect stop for all your bathroom fittings and accessories that are on trend for winter and beyond. If you would like to know more, give us a call on 01206 763947 or come and visit us at our Colchester showroom.