Do Not Use Bleach on Grout!

In your home, you have lots of things to clean. Whether it be the toilet, or the kitchen sink, you will have the specific products that you use, specific techniques that you use from an influencer you follow. But when it comes to cleaning your bathroom tiles, do not use bleach on the grout! Continue reading to find out why:

1. Bleach does not clean mould

One of the biggest reasons that you will clean your grout is because they start to get mould and other forms of bacteria on it. In turn it discolours your grout and creating a world of other problems.

Whilst you think that bleach is the best thing to get rid of mould growth, in fact you have been mistaken. Bleach does not kill mould, it just bleaches it! Using proper mould cleaner will help eliminate the mould that could grow on your grout and tiles.

2. Bleach is corrosive to metals

Bleach is corrosive to metals. If you accidently spray some bleach on the bathroom taps, its not going to end well for your metal work.

Metal is highly reactive to bleach, so it will almost immediately start to corrode or rust. If you do not clean the bleach off almost instantly, you could end up having to replace the metal work in your bathroom.

3. Bleach will discolour your tiles and grout

Bleach and other ammonia-based cleaners will discolour your grout over time. It will not happen instantly however it will happen eventually. Using a multi-purpose cleaner or the manufacturers recommended products will help keep your grout and tiles looking clean.

4. Bleach is dangerous

Bleach is something not to be messed with. In fact, having the smallest amount of bleach on your skin can lead to rashes, blisters, burns or other skin problems.

If these things do occur then you must seek medical attention. You will be putting your family or pets at risk if start cleaning your grout with bleach.

Our advice would be to use the manufacturer approved cleaner for the grout that you have used to put up your tiles. If you do not know what product to use, you are best off choosing a cleaner with anti-fungal properties – an antibacterial mould and mildew spray.

Key Tips for cleaning grout

• An old toothbrush is a handy tool for scrubbing tile grout
• Baking soda and vinegar combined into a paste can be an effective grout cleaner
• Use antibacterial mould and mildew spray to remove any mould

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