Making Magic with Kitchen Tiles: 5 Great Tips for Top Transformations

When it comes to kitchen designs, tile is a common tool because it fits perfectly with the functions of the space. It is very easy to clean, it can withstand heat and spills, and it lasts a long time if cared for correctly. Plus, tile comes in a huge variety of colours and styles.

You can even combine several different designs for a unique, bespoke effect. The important thing is that you find a good balance between practicality and aesthetic. Backsplash tiles, for instance, have characteristics to floor tiles. It’s all about matching needs with key features.

This guide to shopping for and decorating with high quality kitchen tiles will give you some style inspiration.

Find a Reputable Provider

There are plenty of great tile retailers in Essex who can offer super low prices and a dependable quality guarantee. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t automatically opt for the cheapest product in the tile showroom. You’ve got to think about how you use the space.

Ceramic, for example, is beautiful to look at and highly durable. However, it doesn’t hold heat well and often needs to be combined with a padded underlayment. Porcelain is stain resistant, but it can be pricey, Make sure that your chosen retailer offers a broad variety of options.

Know Your Intentions

While there are no hard and fast rules about where you can use particular tile materials, most have a common use. Cork, vinyl, and bamboo make great flooring, while quartz, ceramic, stone, and porcelain are better for counters and backsplashes.

Knowing where you want to install the material will help you when browsing the tile showroom. You might even consider a relatively unusual choice like glass, as it creates a very spectacular look. If you have small children or pets, it’s a good idea to make strength a top priority.

Shop for Your Lifestyle

There are some remarkable kitchens out there and it’s pretty easy to steal high end designs for your own home. Minimalist features are hugely popular right now, with invisible cabinets and slimline appliances appearing in fashionable properties across Essex.

Yet, there’s no point investing in glossy, contemporary features if they don’t suit your lifestyle. Avid cooks need tough surfaces which can withstand heat from pots and pans. Family homes benefit from oversized tiles, with fewer seams, because they are much easier to keep clean.

Make Room for Glamour

For the most part, kitchen floor tiles have to be very sensible. Homeowners are usually limited in their choices, because the most important features are comfort and durability. You want a tile which is safe to walk on and won’t have trouble dealing with heavy traffic.

You can afford to have a little more fun with your counters and backsplashes though. High gloss finishes look exquisite in this area, particularly when installed in rooms with big, broad windows. The surface reflects the sky and creates the illusion of unrestricted, open space.

Pick the Perfect Mimic

The best advice for homeowners on a budget is to head down to a local tile showroom and ask about high quality mimics. These days, the look and feel of affordable mimic materials is so impressive that you’re the only one who’ll ever notice the difference.

Porcelain, for instance, costs measurably less than marble, so it can be used as a very convincing substitute. Similarly, tumbled slate is a more affordable alternative to natural stone floors. It is certainly work considering a mimic if you really want to get that luxury look.

For more advice on shopping for kitchen tiles, click here to visit Everything Tiles. Or, call 01206 763 947 to get directions to a local tile showroom in Essex.