Neutral Colour Bathroom Design Ideas

Oval bathtub against grey glaze

Neutral colours are certainly in-vogue and with this being the case, it can be hard to think of the perfect neutral bathroom design to select and pull the trigger on. With this is mind, we’ve written this guide to inspire you and provide you with potentially your perfect neutral bathroom design idea. 

Depending on your individual taste and the colour palette that you have in mind, you may wish to have a further look around our website if your particular sense of design doesn’t match up with any of these particular ideas. We perpetually stock every item that you could ever need to design and style your bathroom in any which way you want. 

From mosaic tiles to plain and neutral models, we have everything you need to match your particular sense of style and our passion is enabling you to put your own stamp on your home or commercial premises. 

If you prefer a calm, serene, and idyllic style bathroom, then you may wish to opt for one of our basic model tiles as they will match any and all neutral colour bathroom designs.

Simple and Stylish: This design makes use of a minimal amount of colour and will match anybody who approaches interior design with a minimalist and zen sense of design. 

By combining neutral coloured wall tiles/neutral bathroom wallpaper on your bathroom’s walls with plainly coloured bathroom furniture and neutral fixtures and fittings. This method works in modern bathrooms, no matter whether you have a small white bathroom.

Grey and white walls and floors can make small bathrooms/rooms feel much larger than they are and add interest to your home’s bathroom.

Subtle and inviting: We can employ the use of a little more colour, but still keep things simple and neutral, by utilising different colours, which are still soft and minimalistic. The idea here is to stick to an earthy colour palette, while still basing the main aspects of the design around a single, central neutral colour 

Hints of colour: The idea that this design is built up of, is based around using more colour than the previous two ideas, while still sticking to a neutral colour palette and using plenty of different shades of the same colour.

This is a great method of colour distribution across your bathroom if you want to centre your bathroom design around a particular colour. 

Tranquil and serene: This final bathroom idea is built up of plenty of blues and greens across the walls and floor tiles of your bathroom. These colours naturally evoke a sense of calm and tranquility to all that come across them, thus making them the perfect choice for homeowners who want to create a sense of calmness and tranquility within their bathroom/shower room

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