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Do Not Use Bleach on Grout!

In your home, you have lots of things to clean. Whether it be the toilet, or the kitchen sink, you will have the specific products that you use, specific techniques that you use from an influencer you follow. But when it comes to cleaning your bathroom tiles, do not use bleach on the grout! Continue reading to find out why:

1.      Bleach does not clean mould

One of the biggest reasons that you will clean your grout is because they start to get mould and other forms of bacteria on it. In turn it discolours your grout and creating a world of other problems. Whilst you think that bleach is the best thing to get rid of mould growth, in fact you have been mistaken. Bleach does not kill mould, it just bleaches it! Using proper mould cleaner will help eliminate the mould that could grow on your grout and tiles.

2.      Bleach is corrosive to metals

Bleach is corrosive to metals. If you accidently spray some bleach on the bathroom taps, its not going to end well for your metal work. Metal is highly reactive to bleach, so it will almost immediately start to corrode or rust. If you do not clean the bleach off almost instantly, you could end up having to replace the metal work in your bathroom.

3.      Bleach will discolour your tiles and grout

Bleach and other ammonia-based cleaners will discolour your grout over time. It will not happen instantly however it will happen eventually. Using a multi-purpose cleaner or the manufacturers recommended products will help keep your grout and tiles looking clean.

4.      Bleach is dangerous

Bleach is something not to be messed with. In fact, having the smallest amount of bleach on your skin can lead to rashes, blisters, burns or other skin problems. If these things do occur then you must seek medical attention. You will be putting your family or pets at risk if start cleaning your grout with bleach.

Our advice would be to use the manufacturer approved cleaner for the grout that you have used to put up your tiles. If you do not know what product to use, you are best off choosing a cleaner with anti-fungal properties – an antibacterial mould and mildew spray.

Key Tips for cleaning grout

  • An old toothbrush is a handy tool for scrubbing tile grout
  • Baking soda and vinegar combined into a paste can be an effective grout cleaner
  • Use antibacterial mould and mildew spray to remove any mould

How high should your Backsplash be in the Kitchen?

When designing your kitchen, you may wonder about the backsplash and what measurements it should take. Everything Tiles have demystified this for you. Generally, the standard height of a backsplash is about 45cm; just enough for the backsplash to sit underneath your kitchen cupboards. However, most backsplashes are smaller than this. At the end of the day, make your backsplash fit your kitchen and your budget. There is no exact science about how high it should be or how wide it should be.

Full or Half Height Backsplash

If you have the space, why not have a full height backsplash? A backsplash is literally what it says on the tin. It is an area that takes all those spills and splashes – excuse the pun. The main reason why you would have a backsplash is to protect the dry wall behind it. If you want a backsplash but you do not want to see it, be sure to blend it in with the countertop.

Backsplash Materials

So what materials do you need to have when creating a backsplash? Well, to start with you can have the same material that your countertop is made out of. If its marble, why not have a marble backsplash? You could also have a completely different colour to your counter top and product in that instance. As long as the material that you use is durable and it suits the design of the kitchen, then in theory you can use anything. Copper, tiles, real bricks and wood to name a few.

Everything Tiles specialise in Backsplash tiles. Why not contact us to see how we can help you?


Bathroom trends for the winter

Whether you’re planning a complete redesign or just some small makeovers of your bathroom, you’ll want to have an idea of the best current trends and styles for the approaching winter months. Emulating the look of high end hotels is a popular modern style, along with vintage looking bathrooms, which remain popular as ever. You can choose to go for a certain periods style – such as an Edwardian or Victorian look – or you can create a combination of contemporary and vintage.

You’ll also want to have your bathroom as a tranquil, relaxing place for you to unwind in. Keeping all this is mind, Everything Tiles can help you keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends whilst ensuring your bathroom is perfect for you.

Modern trends

If you want something brighter in your home to counter the darker winter months, then a modern combination of deep, rich colours such as teal, terracotta and plum with the white usually found in bathrooms is an assured way to channel luxury and add some warmth.  Contrasting finishes also help with this modern feel, with a mixture of glossy and matte surfaces giving a contemporary twist that is right on trend.

Following on from this, the use of greys and dusty blues as a base colour is another simple change that gives a modern twist and allows for greater statement pieces, like brightly or different coloured baths, basins and accessories. Taking this further, an ultra-modern trend is the use of textured tiling and exposed natural wood to give your bathroom a tactile quality.

Vintage style

The popularity of the vintage style of bathroom shows no sign of dwindling, with features of this style remaining in trend for the coming winter. A sense of timelessness brings both an elegance to the look of your bathroom and can help with the relaxed atmosphere. As well as featuring the look of authentic, antiqued pieces, you can enjoy the luxuries of modern bathrooms with new products made to suit the vintage style.

Glossy and natural finishes

Again fitting with the themes of vintage and modern, this winter’s trends include both modern glossy and reflective surfaces along with a more traditional country style with wood finishes. Glossy and reflective surfaces will give the room an open, bright feeling, making even a smaller space feel and look bigger, as well as being practical with their water resistance and easy to clean surface. On the vintage side, a traditional style based on wood, such as fittings with an oak finish, give a room more character and warmth whilst maintaining an on trend look.

Bathrooms in Colchester & Ipswich

If you’re based in Colchester, Ipswich, or other nearby areas, Everything Tiles is the perfect stop for all your bathroom fittings and accessories that are on trend for winter and beyond. If you would like to know more, give us a call on 01206 763947 or come and visit us at our Colchester showroom.

Bathing in Style: How to Make Your Bathroom Tiles Pop in 2017

The humble bathroom tile tends to be underestimated. We know that it’s an essential feature of a high functioning bathing space, but many of us are still unsure how to use it for maximum effect. While they might be near limitless when it comes to colour and design, it can be difficult to equate tiles with something like wallpaper, which seems so much more versatile.

Well, it’s time to let your creative juices loose, because modern tiles are fresh, funky, and capable of great things. Style savvy homeowners across Essex are tuning in to their possibilities and using them to create unique, beautiful bathrooms. So, put the tired white squares to bed and try something new.

Keep reading to learn about the biggest tile trends of 2017 and how you can steal them for your own bathroom.

Patterned Floors

The trend for subtle, blended floors is steadily being replaced with a love for bold and striking tiled designs. In many ways, this reflects a renewed focus on artisanal features; bathroom accessories and products which offer more than the clinical crispness we’ve become accustomed to. Patterned floor tiles look great when paired with a simple, spacious layout.

Geometric Shapes

The variety of floor and wall tiles on offer has substantially increased over the last few years. One recent trend is for alternative, geometric shapes like hexagons. They add interest and personality to a tired space, particularly if teamed with classic cabinetry and a strong feature wall (perhaps behind your sink or dresser).

Versatile Colours

Mosaic designs are huge this year, because they open up a lot of creative possibilities. When you make wall or floor tiles smaller, you can use a variety of shapes, textures, and patterns. Many homeowners in Essex have been using this tip to create bathrooms with lavish, multi-coloured designs. For a restrained look, stick to two or three shades of the same colour.

Earthy, Rustic Tones

On the other hand, if you prefer a more muted, mature aesthetic, you could try adding some earthy brown tones. Chocolate shades can look very sumptuous, even in smaller bathrooms, as long as they’re lifted by lighter colours on the walls. While glossy, luxurious floor tiles continue to enhance bathrooms, matte finishes are taking over right now.

Longer, Thinner Designs

If the prospect of hexagonal tiles doesn’t appeal, you could try long, narrow shapes. Instead of broad subway style walls, opt for a much tighter, more contemporary look. Thin oblong shaped tiles look fantastic in dark colours like black and charcoal. Add some simple, dramatic can lights and you’ve got yourself a bathroom worthy of any Hollywood star.

Going Green

The other shade making waves in 2017 is green. In fact, just about every variety of green can be found in style guides and interior design magazines right now. It is fresh, uplifting, and it makes you feel energised in the morning. Plus, it works wonderfully with wood, or rather, the more practical wood finishes. The latter is always better for the bathroom, unless you want spend hours treating and sealing cabinets.

For more advice on shopping for bathroom tiles in Essex, click here to visit Everything Tiles today. Or, call 01206 763 947 to get directions to your nearest tile showroom or store.

Making Magic with Kitchen Tiles: 5 Great Tips for Top Transformations

When it comes to kitchen designs, tile is a common tool because it fits perfectly with the functions of the space. It is very easy to clean, it can withstand heat and spills, and it lasts a long time if cared for correctly. Plus, tile comes in a huge variety of colours and styles.

You can even combine several different designs for a unique, bespoke effect. The important thing is that you find a good balance between practicality and aesthetic. Backsplash tiles, for instance, have characteristics to floor tiles. It’s all about matching needs with key features.

This guide to shopping for and decorating with high quality kitchen tiles will give you some style inspiration.

Find a Reputable Provider

There are plenty of great tile retailers in Essex who can offer super low prices and a dependable quality guarantee. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t automatically opt for the cheapest product in the tile showroom. You’ve got to think about how you use the space.

Ceramic, for example, is beautiful to look at and highly durable. However, it doesn’t hold heat well and often needs to be combined with a padded underlayment. Porcelain is stain resistant, but it can be pricey, Make sure that your chosen retailer offers a broad variety of options.

Know Your Intentions

While there are no hard and fast rules about where you can use particular tile materials, most have a common use. Cork, vinyl, and bamboo make great flooring, while quartz, ceramic, stone, and porcelain are better for counters and backsplashes.

Knowing where you want to install the material will help you when browsing the tile showroom. You might even consider a relatively unusual choice like glass, as it creates a very spectacular look. If you have small children or pets, it’s a good idea to make strength a top priority.

Shop for Your Lifestyle

There are some remarkable kitchens out there and it’s pretty easy to steal high end designs for your own home. Minimalist features are hugely popular right now, with invisible cabinets and slimline appliances appearing in fashionable properties across Essex.

Yet, there’s no point investing in glossy, contemporary features if they don’t suit your lifestyle. Avid cooks need tough surfaces which can withstand heat from pots and pans. Family homes benefit from oversized tiles, with fewer seams, because they are much easier to keep clean.

Make Room for Glamour

For the most part, kitchen floor tiles have to be very sensible. Homeowners are usually limited in their choices, because the most important features are comfort and durability. You want a tile which is safe to walk on and won’t have trouble dealing with heavy traffic.

You can afford to have a little more fun with your counters and backsplashes though. High gloss finishes look exquisite in this area, particularly when installed in rooms with big, broad windows. The surface reflects the sky and creates the illusion of unrestricted, open space.

Pick the Perfect Mimic

The best advice for homeowners on a budget is to head down to a local tile showroom and ask about high quality mimics. These days, the look and feel of affordable mimic materials is so impressive that you’re the only one who’ll ever notice the difference.

Porcelain, for instance, costs measurably less than marble, so it can be used as a very convincing substitute. Similarly, tumbled slate is a more affordable alternative to natural stone floors. It is certainly work considering a mimic if you really want to get that luxury look.

For more advice on shopping for kitchen tiles, click here to visit Everything Tiles. Or, call 01206 763 947 to get directions to a local tile showroom in Essex.

Porcelain vs Ceramic: Which Tiles Come Out on Top?

You might assume that all tiles are created equal. They do the same job, in the same environments, and they mostly look the same, apart from their designs and colours. So, does it really matter which tiles you pick for your bathroom or kitchen renovation? As long as you’re determined to source the best quality tiles for your Essex home, there’s nothing else to consider right?

The reality is that premium tiles are distinct from one another, because they are manufactured in a way which maximises the strengths of the material. In other words, ceramic has a kind of sheen to it though it can come in a variety of different finishes ranging from matt to polished. Porcelain, is very similar and also comes in a variety of different finishes, it is incredibly tough and durable. Both make excellent additions to beautifully designed kitchens and bathrooms.

The question is, which material comes out on top? Check out these scenarios and find out whether porcelain or ceramic tiles are the best choice for your home.

Tiling a Humid Environment

When shopping for quality tiles, it is important to match the material to the function. Therefore, if you’re planning to decorate a very humid space like the bathroom, you need tiles with a heavier density. Porcelain is the best choice here, because it is naturally dense and has a very low rate of absorption. In fact, the material takes in just 0.5% of the moisture in a room.

This isn’t to say that ceramic is a poor choice. Porcelain just beats it every time when it comes to strength in the face of water and impermeability. If your kitchen is prone to thrills and spills, it might be worth considering porcelain tiles there too. When installed on the floor, they can help to contain the damage caused by leaky appliances.

Reinforcing a High Traffic Area

Tiles are particularly valuable in high traffic areas, because they are resistant to dirt and grime. Whereas wood, laminate, and carpet floors are tough but susceptible to scratches, it is very difficult to mark porcelain or ceramic. As porcelain is the denser option, it does offer the highest level of scuff protection.

Though, it is worth mentioning that you can buy reinforced ceramic, with various scratch resistant coatings. Both types of tile are most common in kitchens and bathrooms, but there is no reason why you can’t make them a feature elsewhere. Living rooms and hallways lend themselves rather well to porcelain tiles as they protect the walls and floor from rough activity.

Shopping with a Tight Budget

While it is possible to pick up affordable porcelain tiles in Essex, they are always a little more expensive than ceramic. So, if you’re on a tight budget, opt for the latter and rest safe in the knowledge that it doesn’t mean a compromise on quality. The material is also a good option for those who need to tile large walls or floors.

You can keep the costs down and still enjoy a very beautiful, pristine aesthetic. In fact, ceramic is special, because it is a very skilled imitator. You might love the look of wood in the kitchen, but understand that moisture is a big danger. However, imitation ceramic is available in a broad variety of styles (including hardwood) and it comes with none of the vulnerabilities.

For more tips on picking the perfect tiles or to browse a range of porcelain and ceramic designs, visit Everything Tiles. Or, call 01206 763 947 to get directions to your nearest tile showroom or store

Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Kitchen Tiles

You’ve picked out the work surfaces. You know exactly where you want your appliances to be positioned. You’ve even made a decision about the flooring. Now, it’s time to turn your attention to the kitchen tiles. When shopping for high quality kitchens in Colchester, it is important to get this element right, because great tiling can elevate and uplift your design.

Whether you’re looking for something rustic and traditional, or you’d rather keep things slick and modern, there’s a tile out there for you. They come in a broad variety of materials; from ceramic to porcelain, glass, granite, quartz, and more. Plus, the range of colours, shapes, patterns, and textures available is simply huge.

This guide to finding the perfect kitchen tiles will give you some inspiration and help you decide where to start.

Choose an Accent Colour

Splashes of bright colour are a wonderful addition to kitchens in Colchester, but how you use colour will depend on what type of atmosphere you’re trying to create. For most homeowners, a combination of vibrant and more modest shades is preferable. The kitchen should definitely feel like a relaxing place to spend time, so lighter, cheerier tones recommended.

When shopping for tiles, think about the colours that already exist in your kitchen. Pinpoint a striking accent shade and make sure that it is included in your choice. Or, for a dramatic look, use contrasting colours. For example, if your kitchen design is very clean and white, a bisecting row of jet black tiles is bound to stand out.

Think About Maintenance

It isn’t all about the aesthetic when choosing tiles for kitchens in Colchester. This is a working environment. Even if you don’t cook all that often, the materials that you use should be robust and hard wearing. Your tiles need to be sturdy, water resistant, and easy to clean. Materials with a glazed finish, like porcelain, are very popular. They are stain resistant and can be wiped clean in an instant.

However, they are also more vulnerable to chips and cracks. Keep this in mind when shopping; if you have small children or pets, a tougher finish may be required. This is particularly true of porcelain floor tiles. They can look extremely beautiful, but there is always a danger of damage when heavy items are dropped from a height.

Create the Illusion of Space

If you have a very small kitchen, clever decorating tricks can be used to make it look and feel bigger. Traditionally, the advice has always been to match the size of the tiles to the kitchen. Contemporary designers, however, know that bigger floor tiles can have a substantial impact when installed across the widest part of the room. Essentially, it creates the illusion of a much broader floorplan.

As for wall tiles and backsplashes, you can get away with using larger tiles if you keep the colours fairly light. Dark tones draw objects inwards and make a room look smaller. If you do want to use shades like black, charcoal, and navy blue, add them as accents. Install a row of patterned tiles to run parallel with your kitchen work surfaces or create an eye catching feature above the dining table.

For more tips and advice on finding the perfect kitchen tiles, visit Everything Tiles today. Or, call 01206 763 947 to get directions to your nearest tile showroom or store.

5 Superb Bathroom Tile Ideas to Reinvigorate Your Home

According to countless market studies, the bathroom and the kitchen are the two best places to renovate if you’re looking to add value to a home. This is because they’re not like a bedroom, a lounge, or a home office. You can’t just switch a bathroom space up and use it for any purpose that you like. It is an interior space that comes with clear constraints.

Buyers want a layout and a design which they can move right into. So, it is worth investing in a stylish bath set, seamless tiling, and high-quality flooring. Even small, outdated bathrooms can be given a new lease of life with a contemporary colour scheme and clever décor. With bespoke bathrooms in Colchester, it is easy to create a tranquil, beautiful bathing space.

This guide to some cool tiling tips and tricks will help you decide where to start when renovating your bathroom.

Make the Floor a Feature

It is becoming more common for homeowners to invest in quirky, unusual bathroom designs. For instance, bathrooms in Colchester are increasingly turning to signature tiles for a bespoke look. Rather than using laminate or vinyl, which can jar with crisp, clean tiling on the walls, they’re opting for a seamless join. Using the same colour tiles on the floor and the wall is one way to make the space feel cohesive. On the other hand, adding a patterned section or a signature design stops it from feeling too minimalistic.

Use Contrasting Grout

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to add visual drama to a bathroom is with colour contrasting grout. This instantly transforms the aesthetic of the space, but it doesn’t actually require any extensive changes. All you’re doing is grouting in a colour which makes your tiles pop. For example, if you’ve got white tiling around your bath and sink, as many homes do, apply black grout to create a striking, bold contrast.

No Need to Be a Square

There is no reason why you have to invest in completely uniform, square tiles. In fact, decorating with different shapes is an effective way to spice up a bathroom. For aesthetic that wows, have your tiles manufactured in a variety of different shapes and then fit them together like a jigsaw. Or, for a cost effective solution, buy oblong tiles. They are a uniform shape, but because they’re not square, they can be arranged in a more interesting formation.

Stick with Light Colours

In small bathrooms, it is really important to stick to light colours and tones. You can create striking contrasts or add splashes of darker colour, but keep them to a minimum. Rooms which are share on space need to look and feel light. Use shades of white, cream, eggshell blue, vanilla, and grey to maintain a cheery, spacious atmosphere. One way to make a small bathroom feel expansive is to try and get rid of dividing barriers; fit a clear shower door and make room for a big, broad window.

Experiment with Patterns

At the moment, patterned tiles are very popular. They are an affordable way to make bathrooms in Colchester look modern and sleek. While most homeowners won’t decorate the whole room with patterned tiles – this makes the space look too busy – an accent wall or a horizontal stretch of patterned tile across the bathroom can look very attractive. If you are interested in trying this design idea, plan out how and where you’ll arrange your patterned tiles before you start renovating.

4 Great Reasons to Invest in Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

For most homeowners, the design of a bathroom should feel crisp and clean. It should be uncluttered and fit together seamlessly, to create a calm and relaxing bathing space. This is one of the reasons why materials like porcelain and ceramic are so popular. They offer durability and strength, but also a great deal of sophistication.

If you looking for high-quality tiles in Colchester, you might be wondering whether porcelain or ceramic is the right choice. Both are fantastic options, with their own distinct advantages, but porcelain just has that special something. It is sleek, beautiful, and very good at resisting dirt and grime when used in a bathroom.

This guide to the benefits of investing in porcelain will explain why it is the right way to make your bathroom beautiful.

Tough and Hard Wearing

Not a lot of homeowners realise that the structure of porcelain is what makes it so tough. Ceramic and porcelain start out as very similar – almost identical – materials, but the latter is made up of a much more refined clay. This causes it to be denser and tougher. It is a popular choice for homes in colder climates because it is much less prone to cracking than ceramic.

Low Maintenance

It also absorbs less moisture, which makes it highly stain resistant and adds to that overall level of toughness. While it is true that porcelain tiles in Colchester are a slightly more expensive option than ceramic, they will last longer. You won’t have to put as much effort into keeping them clean and shiny either. In fact, porcelain is really an investment in a bathroom feature that will take care of itself.

Attractive and Stylish

You can buy porcelain tiles in a wide variety of different colours, shades, and designs. The traditional, plain white tile is not the only choice. You could go for a marbled effect or even invest in a tile that mimics another material. Porcelain that looks like wood is becoming very popular at the moment, as it allows homeowners to create that rich, warm look. Wood isn’t usually suitable for a bathroom, so this is a clever way to make it work.

Chip and Scratch Resistant

Porcelain bathroom tiles can withstand more than just stains. They are good at resisting chips, cracks, and scratches. This means that they can last for a long time without the need for replacements. Over the years, you’ll save money, because you won’t be paying for the cost of repairs or new finishes. If all of that weren’t enough, the material is less slippery than ceramic, so you’ll have less chance of falling whilst supporting yourself in the bathroom.

Where to Find High-Quality Porcelain Tiles

The best place to source porcelain tiles in Colchester is from a tile wholesaler. Local companies will usually operate showrooms, where you can browse thousands of designs and varieties until you find the perfect product. There are also plenty of experts on hand to give you advice and information. If you’re not sure if porcelain is the right option for your bathroom, they can help you decide. You’ll find the best prices with a reliable local provider.

For more hints and tips on picking the perfect bathroom and kitchen tiles, click here to visit Everything Tiles today. Or, call 01206 763 947 to get directions to your nearest tile showroom or store in Colchester.