Porcelain vs Ceramic: Which Tiles Come Out on Top?

You might assume that all tiles are created equal. They do the same job, in the same environments, and they mostly look the same, apart from their designs and colours. So, does it really matter which tiles you pick for your bathroom or kitchen renovation? As long as you’re determined to source the best quality tiles for your Essex home, there’s nothing else to consider right?

The reality is that premium tiles are distinct from one another, because they are manufactured in a way which maximises the strengths of the material. In other words, ceramic has a kind of sheen to it though it can come in a variety of different finishes ranging from matt to polished. Porcelain, is very similar and also comes in a variety of different finishes, it is incredibly tough and durable. Both make excellent additions to beautifully designed kitchens and bathrooms.

The question is, which material comes out on top? Check out these scenarios and find out whether porcelain or ceramic tiles are the best choice for your home.

Tiling a Humid Environment

When shopping for quality tiles, it is important to match the material to the function. Therefore, if you’re planning to decorate a very humid space like the bathroom, you need tiles with a heavier density. Porcelain is the best choice here, because it is naturally dense and has a very low rate of absorption. In fact, the material takes in just 0.5% of the moisture in a room.

This isn’t to say that ceramic is a poor choice. Porcelain just beats it every time when it comes to strength in the face of water and impermeability. If your kitchen is prone to thrills and spills, it might be worth considering porcelain tiles there too. When installed on the floor, they can help to contain the damage caused by leaky appliances.

Reinforcing a High Traffic Area

Tiles are particularly valuable in high traffic areas, because they are resistant to dirt and grime. Whereas wood, laminate, and carpet floors are tough but susceptible to scratches, it is very difficult to mark porcelain or ceramic. As porcelain is the denser option, it does offer the highest level of scuff protection.

Though, it is worth mentioning that you can buy reinforced ceramic, with various scratch resistant coatings. Both types of tile are most common in kitchens and bathrooms, but there is no reason why you can’t make them a feature elsewhere. Living rooms and hallways lend themselves rather well to porcelain tiles as they protect the walls and floor from rough activity.

Shopping with a Tight Budget

While it is possible to pick up affordable porcelain tiles in Essex, they are always a little more expensive than ceramic. So, if you’re on a tight budget, opt for the latter and rest safe in the knowledge that it doesn’t mean a compromise on quality. The material is also a good option for those who need to tile large walls or floors.

You can keep the costs down and still enjoy a very beautiful, pristine aesthetic. In fact, ceramic is special, because it is a very skilled imitator. You might love the look of wood in the kitchen, but understand that moisture is a big danger. However, imitation ceramic is available in a broad variety of styles (including hardwood) and it comes with none of the vulnerabilities.

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