Top 5 Luxury Tiles For Your Bathroom

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There are many reasons why choosing the right bathroom tiles is important. If you’re looking to create a luxury bathroom design, the tiles you choose will have an affect on your room’s atmosphere, style, colour, texture and brightness. When it comes to finding the right tiles for your bathroom, there is an overwhelming range of styles to choose from. 

Whether you’re planning for a modern or traditional appeal, a touch of luxury will give your bathroom suite the perfect impression. If you’re looking for some inspiration, we have put together the top 5 luxury tiles for your bathroom. So you can give your bathroom the design it deserves!

2020’s Top 5 Luxury Tiles

Geometric Pattern

If you’re looking to incorporate a modern twist with your bathroom, Geometric Pattern tiles are the ideal choice. Geometric Pattern tiles offer a unique effect that’ll make your bathroom stand out from the rest! 

Their colourful and bold appearance instantly add depth to your bathroom style. The Geometric Pattern tiles will give the impression your room is wider, while creating a much more dynamic space. They come in a beautiful range of patterns and finishes to transform your outdated bathroom into a magnificent masterpiece. 

Whether you’re looking to fill your entire suite or create a small feature wall, Geometric Pattern tiles are the trendy design to go for. The most popular colour statements are often black and white or shades of grey.


Have you seen Metro Tiles are a staple trend for Home, Living and Lifestyle blogs? Metro tiles are a simple rectangular shape, with endless ways to style. They are becoming an extreme fashion statement for modern bathrooms 2019. 

The iconic Metro tiles come in a vast range of colours to create a unique suite design. Whether you want to make a feature or add a simple splashback, the metro tile is the go-to choice. As one of the most popular tiled looks for bathroom suites, Metro tiles are easy to lay in different patterns, so it is perfect for covering large areas.


As long as they are laid correctly. Herringbone tiles will modernise your interior style the right way. The Herringbone tile will add a stunning but subtle appearance. The sophisticated way to lay a Herringbone pattern is to use a darker or coloured grout. This will offer a striking look of elegance and beauty to your space.

The Herringbone tile is one of the most classic decorative design choices. It offers a unique, stylish pattern to compliment your space perfectly! Herringbone tiles bring a practical but effective scheme with a classic zig-zag design. 

Electric Blue

Why not add a pop of colour to your bathroom suite with Electric blue tiles? They are fantastic for brightening up your room and lifting the mood. The colour blue reminds us of all things pleasant, like blue skies, white beaches and deep blue oceans. Electric blue tiles create a charming but practical statement for a bathroom suite. They come in a wide range of finishes and sizes, offering a sculptural pigmented work of art. 


To create the utmost luxurious feel in your bathroom, then look no further. Marble tiles bring bursts of elegance and style to a bathroom suite. When it comes to bathroom decor, Marble is the classic choice to go for.

 If you keep up with the maintenance, Marble can withstand stains, scratches and moisture damage. Marble tile walls create beautiful bathroom features, suitable for both small or large size suites. In addition, they are great for making the room feel brighter and wider. What’s more, marble able to absorb radiant heat from the home, helping your room stay warmer for longer. 

Looking to upgrade your Bathroom?

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