Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Kitchen Tiles

You’ve picked out the work surfaces. You know exactly where you want your appliances to be positioned. You’ve even made a decision about the flooring. Now, it’s time to turn your attention to the kitchen tiles. When shopping for high quality kitchens in Colchester, it is important to get this element right, because great tiling can elevate and uplift your design.

Whether you’re looking for something rustic and traditional, or you’d rather keep things slick and modern, there’s a tile out there for you. They come in a broad variety of materials; from ceramic to porcelain, glass, granite, quartz, and more. Plus, the range of colours, shapes, patterns, and textures available is simply huge.

This guide to finding the perfect kitchen tiles will give you some inspiration and help you decide where to start.

Choose an Accent Colour

Splashes of bright colour are a wonderful addition to kitchens in Colchester, but how you use colour will depend on what type of atmosphere you’re trying to create. For most homeowners, a combination of vibrant and more modest shades is preferable. The kitchen should definitely feel like a relaxing place to spend time, so lighter, cheerier tones recommended.

When shopping for tiles, think about the colours that already exist in your kitchen. Pinpoint a striking accent shade and make sure that it is included in your choice. Or, for a dramatic look, use contrasting colours. For example, if your kitchen design is very clean and white, a bisecting row of jet black tiles is bound to stand out.

Think About Maintenance

It isn’t all about the aesthetic when choosing tiles for kitchens in Colchester. This is a working environment. Even if you don’t cook all that often, the materials that you use should be robust and hard wearing. Your tiles need to be sturdy, water resistant, and easy to clean. Materials with a glazed finish, like porcelain, are very popular. They are stain resistant and can be wiped clean in an instant.

However, they are also more vulnerable to chips and cracks. Keep this in mind when shopping; if you have small children or pets, a tougher finish may be required. This is particularly true of porcelain floor tiles. They can look extremely beautiful, but there is always a danger of damage when heavy items are dropped from a height.

Create the Illusion of Space

If you have a very small kitchen, clever decorating tricks can be used to make it look and feel bigger. Traditionally, the advice has always been to match the size of the tiles to the kitchen. Contemporary designers, however, know that bigger floor tiles can have a substantial impact when installed across the widest part of the room. Essentially, it creates the illusion of a much broader floorplan.

As for wall tiles and backsplashes, you can get away with using larger tiles if you keep the colours fairly light. Dark tones draw objects inwards and make a room look smaller. If you do want to use shades like black, charcoal, and navy blue, add them as accents. Install a row of patterned tiles to run parallel with your kitchen work surfaces or create an eye catching feature above the dining table.

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